Hot mess. It has been way too long. I had such a blast in Denver getting to watch and cover the Lady Bears finish business. While I was there, I did not make time to spend with God. Which is awful. Then I got home and dealt with the post effects of altitude sickness and again did not make time to spend with Him. There is no excuse. If there is a time period when I am not posting, there is a good chance I am not in the word. Feel free to call me out on it. 

In about a month, I am going to be headed back out to Van, Texas and Sky Ranch for the entire summer. I am so excited to get to meet new people and spend the summer loving teenage girls well and speaking truth to them. However, in the past I have fluffed up the gospel, making it seem more attractive so they will accept it. Which is so wrong. 

I just started a book called “Not a Fan” and didn’t make it past the prologue before it blew my mind and broke me down.  

Check out Luke 6.

A large crowd was following Jesus after seeing him perform miracles on the sick.  They come to a stop on a mountain. It is Passover. Jesus asked what they were going to do about feeding the huge crowd. BUT HE ALREADY KNEW WHAT HE WOULD DO. That statement has a much greater impact beyond multiplying the fish and bread. Andrew seems kind of sassy to me when he points out the boy with the bread, but Jesus uses it. Everyone on the mountain got their fill. Jesus began to feel like he would get jumped by the crowd for providing this abundance of food from nothing so he escaped to the mountain. While he was there, the disciples peaced out on their boat, leaving Jesus behind. In the middle of the night while they were in the water, Jesus shows up walking on the water and they let him into the boat. What is that?! That is randomly put in the middle of this insane story. Is it to portray that Jesus wanted to show himself to his followers not his fans? I don’t know.

So in the morning the crowd wakes up and realizes that Jesus has crossed the sea. They get in boats to follow Him. They are not looking for Him for a message but for more food because they are hungry. When they get there, Jesus knows what brought them to Him but refuses to offer food to keep them by His side. “Truly, truly I say to you, you are seeking me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves…I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall not thirst.” Called out. Krista. Stop seeking me for what I can give you. Stop following me for the benefits of salvation. Seek me for who I am. Seek me for what I am. I am life and everything I can give you will satisfy. You don’t need all these extra things. You should not follow me to get the riches of heaven. You should not follow me to get grape juice on Sunday. You should not follow me to “fit in.” You should not follow me because you want the benefits I provide. Want to follow me because I am the Son of God. Period. Final. This is not a coke zero commercial where you get me and… You should be satisfied with me. End of story. There is no sugar coating this. To follow Him with all of these benefits is to CHEAPEN THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. Who am I to lessen Him???


One thought on “Bread

  1. kristapirtle says:

    Wow. It’s John 6.

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