Monthly Archives: October 2012

New York, New Mindset

It’s getting to the stressful time of the Baylor in New York program: internship applications.

  • Is this too much color on my resume?
  • Why are their spring listings not posted?
  • Will my current wardrobe suffice?
  • Who do I address my cover letters to?
  • Does the silence mean I apply again?
  • Will I be the first person in the history of the program to show up without an internship?

I find myself asking these questions more and more recently. The more I ask them, the more stressed and worried I become. Coming to God’s Word, I realize what my worry and stress truly are: thinking that God is not in control, that the situation is out of His hands, like I’m on my own, like He doesn’t know what’s best for me.

Now how dumb does all that sound?

God, the Creator of the universe, all powerful, all knowing, righteous, merciful, just … Holy Holy Holy. I cannot describe Him and I cannot exaggerate Him.

So what is holding me back from trusting Him? I want control. I want to do it in a time schedule most pleasing to me. I want a guarantee that I won’t fail.

But I won’t with God!!

My failure should not be based on man’s standard but God’s (Galatians 1:10). In Revelation, God kicks butt. Satan has no chance to win. Whatever happens in my life happens to make me more like my Jesus (Romans 8:28-29). What’s up, sanctification?!

I should be so concerned with God getting glory that the labels I have on the clothes I wear in New York mean nothing (1 Peter 3:3-4). I should be so concerned with God getting glory that I relax during this hectic time full of cover letters, resumes, rejections and acceptances. My life story is not about me. It’s about Him (John 3:30).